Residential Painting


Paint By Design, your Orlando Residential Painter,  believes you shouldn’t have to repaint your home every 5 years.  We are the only residential house painter to offer a ten year warranty between paint jobs.  Our results are guaranteed because we pay special attention to the three basics that any quality paint job must have: The use of the highest quality premium paints and materials, surface preparation and paint application.

The Paint By Design Residential Painting Processimg-3

Here is a step by step process of how your surface area will be prepared and how the paint will be applied to the exterior of your house:

1. Move mulch, rock and dirt away from house 4-6 inches to allow us to paint below grade.
2. Pressure wash house and patio floors (if applicable) to remove loose paint and dirt.
3. Caulk around all windows, doors, door jambs and garage door.
4. Caulk front and back porch ceiling where wall and ceiling meet to conceal cracks.
5. Caulk front and back porch (or pool deck) floor where wall and floor meet.
6. Caulk (with clear caulk) all areas where wall and floor meet that will not be painted.
7. When caulking window frames or pool frames, we will use appropriate color match on frames (ex. Bronze, Tan).
8. Fix all cracks on walls and trim with elastomeric patch to cover cracks
a. There will be no visible marks where Paint By Design has fixed cracks after painting.
9. Apply sealer/conditioner on repaints.
10. Careful covering of all surfaces to be protected from paint (ex. Windows, floors)
11. Spray and backroll 100% acrylic latex SuperPremium satin paint on walls.
12. Paint facia, soffits and gutters using 100% acrylic latex SuperPremium satin paint.
13. Paint garage door and all entrance doors using 100% acrylic latex SuperPremium satin paint.
14. Fix all cracks on patio and pool deck prior to painting.
15. Paint patio and pool deck with appropriate floor paint.

Interior Residential Painting ProcessWhen Paint By Design paints the interior of your Orlando home, you can expect the following:

a.  We will move the furniture and put it back in place when we are done.

Remove curtain rods and/or shades from windows.
c.  Caulk all trim when trim work will be painted.
d.  Caulk all cracks on corners and windows prior to painting.

  Minor patching, sanding and texturing walls and ceilings as needed.
  Cover and protect surfaces not to be painted.

  Stain killing primer applied as needed.

  All doors, jambs and other trim will be painted 1 or 2 coats as needed.

  Basic clean up.

  Premium grade products.

We ask all of our clients to ensure that the workspace is organized prior to our arrival so that our crews can maximize their use of time while at the job site. We do not empty cabinets; take down pictures, move china or any other items that may break in the process.


New Home Painting Contractor

img-5We have established Commercial Accounts with all of the major paint manufacturers that supply Orlando Residential Painters: Porter Paints, Pittsburgh Paints, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams. Whatever vendor you choose it is our policy to use premium grade products only.Paint By Design offers a five or seven year warranty on Orlando new construction, based on customer’s needs or requirements.

These are some things that Paint By Design does different from other contractors:

Interior Residential Painting:

a.  Apply interior stain blocking high-hiding waterborne acrylic primer/finish on drywall or sealer under wallcoverings.
b.  Caulk all wall corners and ceiling corners after priming
c.  Caulk with elastomeric caulk all crown moulding and baseboards to allow for expansion and movement of trim from wall.
d.  Sanding all walls after priming to eliminate dirt and rough edges to make walls smooth.
e.  Apply two (2) coats of putty in holes on trim and doors (after priming).
f.  Sand all trim and doors prior to painting.
g.  Apply two (2) coats of paint on wall.
h.  Cover and protect surfaces not to be painted.

Exterior Residential Painting:

a.  Apply high-build acrylic primer/sealer on house, instead of sealer.
b.  Spray and backroll 100% acrylic super premium paint satin, as opposed to flat.
c.  Caulk all windows, doors and door jambs.
d.  Caulk around all corners, accent, above and below window accents.
e.  When caulking window frames or pool frames will use appropriate color match on frames (ex. Bronze, Tan).
f.  Give customer a five or seven year warranty on exterior work, as opposed to contractors who offer no or one year limited warranty.