There are excellent waterproofing systems available on the market today for your Central Florida home, but each system has its pros and cons. Paint By Design knows about waterproofing paint in Orlando, Clermont, Windermere and all over Central Florida .

The most common system used and recommended by Orlando painting contractors today is elastomeric paints. Elastomeric paint is not a “one product solves all” system. The pro of this system is its elasticity and high-build properties to seal and prevent future cracks. The con is that you should not use this system if you have had water intrusion recently because the water trapped inside your walls will have no way to escape. This will ultimately cause the exterior paint to bubble and split creating an even larger problem to resolve depending on the amount of water intrusion involved. Elastomeric paints are not breathable and designed to prevent moisture intrusion to begin with. That’s why elastomeric paint is commonly used on new construction.

The second problem with elastomeric paints is color retention which results in three to four year durability – the color will fade drastically during that amount of time depending on the depth of the color used.

Paint by Design uses this product only as a primer to take care of the cracks and only if there has been NO water intrusion. Then we follow up with a satin super-premium top-coat. This way you get 10 to 12 years between paint jobs.

Also, elastomeric paints only come in a flat sheen and two levels of quality – A premium line and commercial line. The minimum single coat application for this product to work properly must be at 12mil when applied wet, which ultimately dries to a minimum six mil thickness.

The next system is my recommended water proofing system. I prefer it for the following reasons:

Loxon XP® (not to be confused with Loxon®) is a high-build finish coating that is breathable so if you’ve had water intrusion the water will evaporate through this system but won’t allow water to penetrate from the outside. It has a one-coat high-build application of 12 mills when wet, which dries to a minimum six mill thickness and has elastomeric properties to prevent water intrusion and seals cracks.

Two coats of Loxon XP®, of at least 26mil thickness (13mil when dry), will warranty the structure from the paint manufacturer to prevent water intrusion from up to 80 MPH wind driven rain.

The color retention on this product is excellent. You will get 6 to 8 years depending on the choice of color and can be used as a finish coating or as a high-build primer prior to finishing with a super premium satin paint where you would get a 10 to 12 year warranty.

This product comes in an eggshell sheen and we recommended this on new construction where a one-coat application is preferred by builders or on repaints for residential or commercial applications. Because of its breathability, excellent color retention, elastomeric properties, high-build mileage and warranty on two-coat applications, Loxon XP is totally unmatched by any other water proofing product on the market today.

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